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  • Обща площ 6000 m2
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6000.00 m2
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  • 2-ра Линия до 700 м от морето
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A multi-storey car park at one of the main streets in Thessaloniki, Greece that has been in operation since 1992.


The Building unit is 5868 square meters. It has been constructed on a privately owned by the company land, and consists of:

1)    Ground floor entrance and open floor parking lot at the back

2)    8 Floors of 560 sq.m.each

3)    A underground floor of 828 sq.m.

4)    Terrace

The cars move from one floor to another via a ramp with an electronic system of traffic lights regulating the traffic to avoid any problems.

There is a system of two elevators (capacity: 7 persons each) and two stairs to help people reach the floor where they have parked or to exit the parking when they have left their car.

The 8th floor has been completely converted into offices and a warehouse presently entirely rented to a third company.

On the 6th floor, there is a car wash facility which is completely equipped with the latest generation of Karcher machinery.


The licensed parking spaces are 182. Nevertheless, the real maximum parking capacity is 260 spaces. Most of the spaces are rented on a monthly base by customers who rent a particular numbered space. We call them “Permanent” customers. These numbered parking spaces are available mostly on the basement and on the floors. The entrance and back spaces are mostly rented on an hourly or daily basis.

Surrounding Area:

The Geographical location is very important. The company is built on one of the main Avenues leading to the center of Thessaloniki (only 4 Km away). It is also situated in one parallel street above the shoreline, where many expensive estate buildings have been constructed mostly without any parking spaces. V.Olgas Street is full of businesses and offices but without any parking spaces. The parking lot is situated just beside the future “Delfon/Syndika” metro station which is under construction for the moment. Moreover, our new neighbor is the Traffic Warden station, so it is obvious that illegal parking is largely restrained in this area.

There are very few other parking units such as this one in the City. There are not enough parking lots and no available land to build new ones in the center of the city. We are the only authorized company which interferes the Bus Lane in order to permit the entrance and exit of the vehicles.

Worth to be noted:

  • The economic recession facing Europe and Greece in particular, has affected business activity and has made people hesitant about the future. Nevertheless, our company has adapted a new lowered pricelist to encourage the present situation. Thus, at the moment more and more previously emptied spaces are being occupied again.
  • There is an increasing number of hourly customers. This is due to the fact that the neighborhood is in deep need of parking facilities, not only for the residents
  • This is maybe the only plot in Eastern- Center Thessaloniki region that belongs to only two owners. 

For more information, visits and additional questions, please feel free to contact me - Irena Petkova at: 00 359 886120639 also on Viber or WhatsAPP.

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